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Formula 1 All The Races – The First 1000

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High Octane reports from every Championship Grand Prix from the first race in 1950, to the 1000th race in 2019

F1 All The Races - The First 1000 reveals the Formula 1 World Championship story race-by-race-by-race, focussing in turn on each arena where this worldwide gladiatorial combat was played out.

From the raw danger of the first race, to the clinical technology fest of the 1000th, this is a one-stop-shop, a single F1 volume of first resort, and an informative history, integrated with an extensive easy to use source of reference, all within one affordable wieldy volume. Graphs, special illustrations, rare race photos, and charts ranking driver performance over the first 1000 races puts all the action from the last 70 years of F1 into your hands.

Formula 1 All The Races Book
Formula 1 All The Races Book

Specially developed Race Pods tell the individual story of each race, Knowledge Pods give a deep insight into F1's 'hidden history,' and a free 2019 Season digital download, makes this a complete, current record. From exceptional spellbinding F1 races, to the tragic, and even the travesties, each of the 1000 events is rated on its individual merits, providing a fascinating insight into the ebb and flow of championship seasons across the decades.

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A Limited Edition of just 1000 copies

This is a truly a unique commemorative volume. Created to celebrate the astonishing landmark of the first 1000 Championship races, this book is strictly limited to 1000 individually numbered copies — A genuine collectors item, and a book of lasting value.

Formula 1 All The Races – The First 1000
  • A one-stop shop for F1 lovers, the complete story of all the first 1000 races over seven decades
  • A reading book, a history book and a reference book capturing the very essence of Grand Prix racing
  • '‘Race pods’ tell you everything you need to know about each and every race
  • Race Analysis and Grading from Golden events to tragic events, even travesties
  • In-depth analysis of driver performance
  • Track maps
  • ‘Knowledge pods’ provide trivia and fascinating facts
  • ‘Race Ratings’ separate the good, the bad and the ugly from the simply sensational
  • A fact-filled book to treasure
  • Free 2019 season's end digital download (Now available)
SKU V5566, Hardback, 720 pages, 16.9 x 23.3cm, £65.00

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Formula 1 All The Races – The First 1000

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